LISTEN: Ollie Moran commends Limerick’s “heart and commitment”

LISTEN: Ollie Moran commends Limerick’s “heart and commitment based on unbelievable levels of fitness”

Limerick beat Cork in an epic battle yesterday to book their place in the All Ireland final on August 19th. It took over 100 minutes of energy sapping action to separate two sides that come out off the encounter with huge credit. Cork were warriors throughout but ultimately it was Limerick’s never say die attitude and bench that helped them claw back the deficit and kick on into extra time.

Former Limerick stalwart, Ollie Moran reflected on what was an instant classic between the sides. He has praised the attitude of the Limerick team to never lose their composure and ability to claw back from a six point deficit heading towards the conclusion of the game.

“To do that seven times in the last ten minutes of the game was just beyond belief. From our point of view it’s something we’re not used to doing. But this team as the year has gone on, this team just does not know when to stop. They’re just brilliant to watch and be a part of it.”

Nickie Quaid’s block on Seamus Harnedy in additional time has garnered much attention, and rightly so, it was an incredible block from the Effin man and Moran think it sums up the newfound maturity in this Limerick side.

“That whole cameo just summed up what this Limerick team is all about. It wasn’t enough just to make a heroic block at one end. Limerick worked through the phases again like they did against Kilkenny and that free to put us a point up. Its just great stuff to watch. This team, their heart, their commitment, is based on their fitness.”

Limerick’s superior bench would ultimately prove to be the difference between the teams with Limerick’s replacements accounting for 2-6 while Cork’s subs could only muster a solitary point. Moran believes tha this competition within the panel is helping to breed a winning mentality.

“When you’re dealing with such a competitive group and when there is so much competition for places in the panel itself. That just becomes a fact of life and unless you can handle that, you’re pressure zone, you’re not at anything. This is just become habit for Limerick. they’re not in unchartered waters, Lets go at it, whether its the 70th or 1st minute, it’s the same.”

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