Athletics Ireland & Local Athletics Clubs team up to get people moving

With the undisputed success of Operation Transformation on National Television, allied with the inspirational Jean Tierney, Athletic Ireland are now offering a programme within in Athletic Clubs in Limerick called Fit4Life.

Fit4Life is an Athletics Ireland programme which aims to promote Fitness through walking and running. This initiative provides an opportunity to those who wish to partake in recreational running, jogging or walking and is open to those of all fitness levels.

While many are discouraged from becoming physically active as they are uneducated in the field and simply do not know where to start, Fit4Life offers a welcoming and safe environment for those willing to start or continue their fitness journey.

There are eight clubs in total in Limerick. These clubs are equipped to develop personalised plans for their runners, in a safe and enjoyable training environment. Clubs and Fit4Life Leaders will assist runners in reaching their goals whilst fostering an enjoyment of sport.

With the importance of mental health coming to public prominence in recent years, it is key to note that physical health is one of the main contributors to mental health and the benefits of exercise are endless.

For those who have experienced the programme there has been plenty of positive feedback with the comments including,

“I never would have expected the improvement I’ve experienced, and I continue to notice the benefits to this day, both physically and mentally”

“Thank you so much to my Fit4Life Leader Bernie, for introducing me to this great form of exercise and for continually inspiring me, motivating me and always encouraging me both on and off the road”.

Fit4Life is suitable for those who are interested in improving their health and lifestyle, for individuals who wish to have a positive, enjoyable and relevant fitness experience and a sense of belonging amongst the community whilst making life-long friends.

As the saying goes, Sound Body, Sound Mind. 

If you are interested in joining up with one of the groups, the following club contacts listed below are a great place to start.

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