Limerick man Jason Kenny claims top prize at world fitness competition

Belfast was the venue for the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Model Association’s world championship event last weekend and it was man from 300km down the road that claimed the top prize.

Speaking to Sporting Limerick, Jason says the competition truly is world event.

“The worlds competition is at the end of the year and is the one everyone is aiming for. It attracts all walks of life from different parts of the globe. All shapes, sizes and some serious athletes.”

Jason’s road to success started a while back when he set himself the goal of making the competition at the end of the year and says that a lot of hard work and attention goes into preparing for the shows.

“I set myself a challenge to do four shows back to back and in the mean time I  ended up winning a show in Drogheda (the ultimate physiques competition) which carried me across to the UK to compete for Ireland at the British Finals at in international level. What started out as four shows ended up as five.”

“You are training two to three times a day with cardio four or five times in the week. You are watching everything in the body that is coming in, you are monitoring everything from your water intake to your carbohydrate intake and your salt intake.”

While the sport on the outset might look like an individual pursuit, Jason says that there is a huge team of people in the background that have helped him get to where he is today.

“My family first and foremost, my wife Audrey has been the backbone to all of this. Limerick Powerlifting Club, Shane and Amanda Brodie, so many local shops and businesses.”

In such a short space of time, Jason has gotten to the top echelons of his chosen sport but will now turn his attention to helping others and enjoying a well deserved break.

“Now I am going to relax, I have definitely earned enough brownie points to enjoy my Christmas dinner. I am going to give the body a chance to relax and recover. In the meantime I am helping clients to improve their fitness and lose weight. If I can inspire people a little bit that is worth it’s weight in gold.”

You can listen to the interview in full on the link below.


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