Limericks Catherine Costigan marks her return to MMA on Saturday at Wembley

Limerick’s Catherine Costigan will make her return to Mixed Martial Arts this weekend when she fights Poland’s Alesandra Rola at the SSE Arena in Wembley on Saturday.

Costigan (who will fight at London’s 12,500-seater venue) hasn’t fought a professional bout for 18-months:

“My mum was very sick for the last 18 months of pancreatic cancer. That’s why it’s like, you know, sometimes other things are more important. The octagon didn’t need me as much as my Mum needed me.”

“Throughout that whole period, as well, I was working on evolving my game and getting myself better because mentally that had me going as well for Mum everyday having something to do.

Under the KSW promotion, Costigan will fight at Strawweight, a new challenge in a bid to return with a bang:

“This is a huge opportunity to test the waters at Strawweight being on KSW with the whole world watching in Wembley Arena”

Ahead of the fight Costigan has shown respect for her Polish opponent in the build-up and wants to put on a show on Saturday night on the KSW Main Card:

“I’m sure she’s 100% ready for this too I mean it’s a big thing to take on Catherine Costigan in a fight. So, I respect her for that.”

“I love to put on a show that’s what I’m there for as well to entertain everybody and show them that we can take a main card or a main event and do it justice.”

Outside of the octagon, Costigan is a full-time teacher at Limerick Pankration MMA and being an inspiration to the kids she teaches every week:

“That’s the main reason I do it is to give the young people the initiative and the challenge and the dream to someday be on that stage and doing it themselves and progressing. Whatever it helps to bring out to them a good human being at the end of the day is a major thing.”

“My classes have a waiting list of six months. It’s what myself and Dermot have been doing the last 20 years and word of mouth to people. They’re seeing how good our kids come out of the whole program and the whole system.”

“What I do, what Dermot does every day, day in day out, we are making impression on young people, you know to make them right in life. I’m very happy with that side of it. I don’t see any downturn whatsoever as long as I’m showing these kids the way they should be, and what they can achieve as well.”

Saturday’s card starts at 6 pm with Costigan’s fight up first as part of an eight-fight card:

All are available to watch live via online PPV on

Ahead of tomorrow night, check out the full interview with Catherine “The Alpha Female” Costigan below:

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