LISTEN: Lee Reeves hoping to “reap the rewards” in Pro debut

Limerick’s Lee Reeves makes his professional boxing debut this Saturday in Toronto. Reeves will work with Lee Baxter Promotions on the night in his fight against Benito Aburto of Mexico.

A former underage champion at national level, 23-year-old welterweight Reeves comes from the Corpus Christi club and will have Declan Fitzgerald in his corner for the fight.

Reeves departed for Canada on Tuesday and was speaking to Sporting Limerick before his departure where he said his looking forward to reaping the rewards of the pro game. 

“With the Pro ranks, what you put in, you get back. You workhard and you reap the rewards. Whether it’s money or having the the fighting pride of an unblemished record, that’s what I am doing it for.”

“As I’ve grinded and worked so hard to get to this point with a job so far I’ll keep doing it until I open more doors”.

Despite turning pro the Limerick boxer still holds down a full time job and says that combining that with his training regime is a big challenge. 

It’s very difficult especially if you want to be on the top of your game, you have to dedicate your whole life to it and as I said, I am working an 8 to 5 job which is so hard when you want to be training two and three times a day. 

Reeves is expecting a serious challenge from his Mexican opponent but is confident that his boxing talent will win through in the end. 

“He’s (Benito Arburto) coming off a knockout win so obviously his confidence is high and he’s a tough tough guy. Mexicans are tough with big hearts but nobody has a bigger heart than the Irish.

“Not that my heart is going to come into it because my boxing and ability and talent is going to show in that ring and he’s not going to touch me.”

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