LIT Celtics fall to 89-81 defeat against Ulster Elks

Elks started this game at a frantic pace and made five of their six opening shots to take an eight point lead. Both teams then went basket for basket with Elks holding on to their 8 point lead going into the 2nd quarter. LIT Celtics then made a super run with Matt St Armour hitting some incredible shots and Emmet Brown and Jordan Hehir spotting up for some super three pointers to swing the lead back in LIT Celtics favour at halftime.

LIT Celtics started the third quarter with a 41 – 38 lead but Ulster Elks experience and physical size brought them right back into the game. Elks included two American College players this season and a professional Lithuanian player and their signings definitely went to work in this quarter with Luke Eddy and Tomas Banys hitting some huge shots for the Ulster side to take control of this very exciting game back into Elks hands.

However the home side again made another super comeback and brought the game back to 6 points with 2 minutes to go courtesy of some excellent team play and scores from Matt St Armour, Tommy Walsh, Ciaran Woods and Cian O’Reilly.

Elks held on for the win In what was a cracker for a game for the full capacity crowd in LIT Sprotshall. LIT Celtics will come way knowing that that Elks experience at vital stages of the game had a major impact in the final result. With Andre Clerog to be added to the LIT Celtics line up in the coming weeks the Limerick side will become a stronger unit and the experience gained from these very close league ties will definitely stand to this young Limerick side as the season progresses.

Top Scorers
Matt St Armour 36, Emmet Brown 13, Ciaran Woods 13, Jordan Hehir 8, Cian O’Reilly 7 and Tommy Walsh 4.

LIT Celtics next game is next Saturday October 14th @ 6pm V Neptune in what should once again be another super game of Mens National League basketball.

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