WATCH: 1986 Limerick Services to Sport Award

In 1978, the Government decided to set up a Sports Council to try to encourage people’s participation in sport.

They selected the 32 Vocational Education Committees (VECs) which were in place to promote this project and SPORTS ADVISORY BODIES were established. Due to existing embargos on recruiting staff at the time, the success of this promotion varied from VEC to VEC, some flourished, but others failed to get off the ground. Limerick flourished and here are the 1986 awards with the winners listed below.

1986 Collum John GAA, 1986 Hehir Tommy Basketball, 1986 Lane Eamon Badminton, 1986 Liston Tony Community Games, 1986 McCarthy Patsy Water Sports, 1986 McGoldrick Fiona Orienteering, 1986 O Connor Paddy GAA, 1986 O Donovan Sean Soccer, 1986 Quaid Charles Rugby, 1986 Ryan Eamon Boxing Lifetime.

The 1986 Cospoir Limerick Sports Service Awards

1986 Collum John GAA1986 Hehir Tommy Basketball1986 Lane Eamon Badminton1986 Liston Tony Community Games1986 McCarthy Patsy Water Sports1986 McGoldrick Fiona Orienteering1986 O Connor Paddy GAA1986 O Donovan Sean Soccer1986 Quaid Charles Rugby1986 Ryan Eamon Boxing Lifetime

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