WATCH: “The focus has changed”- Gleeson Sports Scene owner Stevie on adjusting

The impatc of the Covid 9 pandemic has been seen by all across the globe. One such business that has taken a substantial hit is that of retail with shops being forced to close all over the globe.

One such business that has felt the effects is Gleeson’s Sports Scene on Upper William Street which was forced to close due to government guidelines.

For store owner, Stevie Gleeson, it has been a case of adjusting to online measures with online sales increasing.

“We’re doing an awful lot online. Online sales have really escalated. So we are in a good position and it will make up for the shop being closed. A lot of people are clicking and collecting with a lot going to the UK. So the focus has changed a bit.”

While, everyone is keen to resume to normality, the lockdown has provided some benefits with people allowed the chance to reflect, with a number taking up the option of increasing their exercise, something which Gleeson acknowedged.

“I think it’s been a good health boost for a lot of people.”

While Gleeson is hoping that the store will be allowed reopen on Monday week, for now it is just online sales.

Check out their page by clicking the link below for some great deals!

Gleesons Sport Scene

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