WATCH: Tracey Duggan looks ahead to Professional Debut on Sunday

The EireMuySiam Gym opened in Limerick in 2008 and since has gone from strength to strength.

On Sunday they will host their third event, Unforgiven III in the Limerick Strand Hotel.

The gym is home to Irish champion Jamie Morrissey who will headline the event.

Also on the night Tracey Duggan will be competing in her first Pro C fight against an opponent from the 309 gym in Dublin.

The fighter is very much excited to move into the professional ranks and test herself against the very best in the country.

“In the amateur it’s pretty much a fitness test, going in swinging and hoping. In a professional fight, it’s slowed down, you’ve time to think. It’s very much like a chess fight.”

After putting in so much work over the past year, Duggan is excited at the opportunity to showcase her talents in the Strand come Sunday.

“I’m looking forward to showing that bit of skill in there and obviously showing all the hard work that I have put in over the last year, year and a half.”

See the full interview with Tracey and Robert below.

Tracy Duggan & Robert Ng ahead of Unforgiven 3

Eiremuaysiam Thaiboxing Gym Limerick Ireland's Tracey Duggan & Robert Ng chat to Sporting Limerick ahead of Eiremuaysiam ''Unforgiven 3'' Muay Thai Fight Night which takes place at the Limerick Strand Hotel on Sunday Night.

Posted by Sporting Limerick on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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