WATCH: “You’ve Got to Allow Time for Rest & Family” Jason Kenny

While the various negative aspects to Covid 19 are vast, it has provided a chance to reflect according to High Performance & Executive Coach Jason Kenny.

Kenny whose business and website focuses on Online Diet & Nutrition says this ‘break’ has afforded him the opportunity to adapt his methods and as such, he feels like he is busier than ever before.

“It has allowed the world a chance at a reset, including myself. I’ve had to go back to the drawing board, not being able to go to the gym, meet clients face to face. My own business has gone online and I’ve never been so busy in my life. I really have to structure and pencil people in. It’s important that I allow myself breaks and pencil in my own exercise.

“Constantly doing webinars for the corporate industry and they have been prominent in taking on the wellness approach with staff working from home. There is a physical and mental aspect to that and keeping them sane.”

Kenny stressed the importance of keeping to a routine during this time when life is far from routine. He also stressed the value of being efficient with your time, while also finding time for rest and family.

“There’s a psychological aspect to all this. With my lads, I put a routine in place from the very start. Its being productive with your time . Just because you are getting stuff done, it doesn’t mean you are exceptionally busy, what it means is that you are getting more our of your day so time management is crucial.

“You’ve got to allow time for rest and family”

Check out the interview with Kenny below and follow the link to his website.

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