Andy Lee gives his take on proposed McGregor-Mayweather fight

Andy Lee gives his take on McGregor-Mayweather.

Andy Lee is still a quality fighter. The Limerick man has shown an immense amount of talent, passion and courage during his career which has too often gone unrecognised.

However, in recent months he has shown great promise as a future boxing pundit. As a man that has seen and done it all, there is no better candidate than Lee for such a position.

Whilst in the National Stadium to attend an open workout ahead of the Celtic Clash 2 card on May 27 which will be headlined by a close friend of Lee’s, Eric O’Donovan a 5-time Irish Senior Elite Champion, Lee took some time out to tall to RTE’s Eoin Ryan.

When asked about the potential of a superfight between boxing great Floyd Mayweather and UFC Lightweight Champion of the world Conor McGregor, Lee said,

It’s like asking a triathlete to swim against Michael Phelps.

In terms of a contest, I don’t see it being a real fight. Mayweather is the best boxer of our generation. Conor McGregor is a great boxer in UFC but hasn’t had a professional (boxing) fight. If it’s a boxing contest, Mayweather wins hands down.

Lee did admit that it would generate unprecedented amounts of money for a fight but cannot see the Irishman getting the win. Regardless, it once more proved Lee’s adeptness at punditry and hints at a bright future for the Limerick man should he pursue such a career.


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