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Niall O'Carroll

Niall O’Carroll: The “Why” Behind Boks & Irish Women’s Hockey Success

By Niall O'Carroll / November 6, 2019 /

In my day job, I met with a pharmaceutical company this week who specialises in cell research for the treatment of incurable diseases. Their mission statement was ‘To give people hope where none exists’. It struck me as being something that would make motivating your workforce relatively easy I would imagine. It struck to the…

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Glasshouse Reaction to Bulgarian Racism Highlights Workload Closer to Home

By Niall O'Carroll / October 23, 2019 /

“In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.” Toni Morrison So this week’s article starts political for a reason. While I was deciding what I wanted to write about this week, and let’s face it the easy option would have been another Irish team capitulating in the face of expectation, a depressing…

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‘No Human is limited’ Ireland Need To Push Limits To Beat NZ

By Niall O'Carroll / October 15, 2019 /

‘No Human is limited’ so reads a blue band worn on the wrist of Eluid Kipchoge the first man in history to run a marathon in under two hours. Now whatever your thoughts are of the controversy surrounding this Nike branded event as detailed in the Economist, the words are interesting. “The mind is what…

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They say it matters more when there is money on it

By Niall O'Carroll / October 9, 2019 /

Betting companies have become a powerhouse in all sports sponsorship. Gambling has replaced cigarettes and alcohol as the main supporter of professional sport. At the 2018 Symposium on Match Manipulation and Gambling in Sport in Toronto, Richard McLaren, author of a report on state sponsored doping in Russia and David Howman, former Director of World…

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Ireland need to be fully switched on to get back on track

By Niall O'Carroll / October 3, 2019 /

The wonderful performance by an inspired Japan rugby team reminded me of why I love rugby so much. The Cherry Blossoms played with pace, passion, bravery and a lot of smarts. It was fascinating rugby and a defeat as an Irishman that I couldn’t get upset about. After all is this not how we want…

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World Rugby has to act fast or face the consequences

By Niall O'Carroll / September 18, 2019 /

I was very sad to hear the news of Chester Williams’ passing recently. There are few more iconic figures in South African rugby than the man Nelson Mandela chose to be the face to represent a new nation at the 1995 World Rugby Cup. In the movie Invictus, they re-enact the moment when Madiba visits…

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Does the selection of Jean Kleyn undermine the Irish squad ethos before the World Cup?

By Niall O'Carroll / September 3, 2019 /

A major part of preparing a squad for an event like a World Cup is the consideration of the time that players spend in each other’s company over a prolonged period. The Rugby World Cup in Japan will take place from the 20th September when the hosts face Russia in Ireland’s group to the Final on…

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Science won’t win All-Ireland but it will certainly help

By Niall O'Carroll / August 29, 2019 /

“The b******t of science simply can’t handle quality football.” So said the GAA controversy seeking missile, Joe Brolly, in an article last year. Having spent a year working in inter country football, I have noticed an increasing number of ‘respected’ coaches and pundits echoing this view. It is almost like the world of gaelic football…

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The old pathway to professional football is long gone

By Niall O'Carroll / August 22, 2019 /

“Life at this age is rubbish with no money.” So tweeted by an 18-year-old footballer at Scottish amateur club Queens Park 2012. He had been released at the age of 15 by Celtic for being too small and was wandering aimlessly as a footballer, questioning his future in the game. Within two years he had…

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If you are good enough you are old enough

By Niall O'Carroll / August 15, 2019 /

Watching probably the two least popular teams in the country at the weekend, ABUs and ABDs take note, I was struck by one common theme. Both Jim Gavin and Ole Gunner Solksjaer are pinning their hopes of glory on youth. Now it is a bit of a stretch to compare the success enjoyed by Dublin…

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