Niall O'Carroll

How athletes are maintaining fitness during lockdown

By Niall O'Carroll / March 31, 2020 /

The entire sporting community are feeling the impact of Covid-19 as events and training across the nation come to an abrupt standstill. Athletes, at the core of the sporting spectacle,…

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WATCH: Isa Nacewa “If you can’t do an 8/10 you shouldn’t be a professional”

By Niall O'Carroll / March 28, 2020 /

THESE were the words of Isa Nacewa recently in Dublin talking to a corporate group on leadership. 8/10 is a principle ingrained in Nacewa in Auckland watching the likes of…

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This time will pass and sport will return

By Niall O'Carroll / March 18, 2020 /

SPORT has been decimated with the decision to lock down public events. The problem with this for the regular sports fan is that in troubled times a stroll to watch…

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“If She Can’t See It, She Can’t Be It”

By Niall O'Carroll / March 15, 2020 /

“How important it is for us to recognise and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” ― Maya Angelou So reads the tag line of the 20×20 movement to ensure women have greater…

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Football is heading for trouble now and in the future

By Niall O'Carroll / February 19, 2020 /

I WAS struck by the sad news of the passing of Jimmy Conway an Irish footballer who was the only non-English player in the 1975 FA Cup Final.  Conway’s career…

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Niall O'Carroll: Accountability is key to Ireland’s upturn in form

By Niall O'Carroll / February 12, 2020 /

THE LATE great basketball player Kobe Bryant once said “if you are going to be a great leader, you are not going to please everybody. You are going to have…

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OPINION: Injury nightmare puts Munster in a precarious position

By Niall O'Carroll / January 8, 2020 /

The spectre of injury hangs over the Munster Rugby squad as they face into a season-defining trip to Paris needing to win to keep their European Cup ambitions alive. Unless…

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Football needs massive changes to survive latest scandals

By Niall O'Carroll / December 11, 2019 /

Having written an article a couple of weeks ago about racism in football I find myself writing again on the topic. As Ole Gunnar Solksjaer said after Man Utd’s victory…

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What happens when the heart just stops, but the body goes on living?

By Niall O'Carroll / November 28, 2019 /

They say an athlete dies twice. Well in my work and research I have had the pleasure to sit down with Olympic Champions, World record-holders and professionals from a host…

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“We all choke. Winners know how to handle choking better than losers.”

By Niall O'Carroll / November 27, 2019 /

The week Niall O’Carroll examines ‘choking’, the science behind it and what separates our responses. “And in the darkened underpass, I thought, ‘Oh God, my chance has come at last’…

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