Watch: Limerick horse owner is the gift that keeps on giving

Limerick horse owner is the gift that keeps on giving.

Josh Sheahan of Askeaton, Co.Limerick gained nationwide attention last month when his interviews at the Limerick Racecourse went viral. Sheahan is the proud owner of the Top of the Town, a nine-year old gelding that shares the name with his bar  in Askeaton.

Prior to the horses race in Limerick last months Sheahan gave us a snippet of his humour as he talked up the horses chances and the effect it would have on the locals should he win.

Talking about the horses previous win in Tipperary Sheahan exclaimed, “And this man here, his wife left him over it, and do you know what he said to me ’twas well worth the celebration.”

As things panned out the horse was unsuccessful in the race. However, Sheahan’s post-race interview was a good as the one prior to the race as he begged the people of Limerick to come to his pub to spend the money he had lost on the horse. He also teased about bringing a crew to Galway which had us all eagerly awaiting the festival.

And so, we were not to be disappointed as yesterday Sheahan brought a crew of 64 to Galway to see his beloved horse race in the 6.15 event. As ever, Sheahan was confident in his horses chances which was priced at 20/1.

As things would turn out, the bookies would prove to be right as the horse languished at the back for the duration of the race. However, the interview Josh gave prior, lived up to the billing as he once again caught the imagination, as did his loyal band of followers.

If anything, Sheahan’s charisma is inviting people back to the sport which has lost some support over the years and hopefully the Limerick man will have more winners and of course more interviews in the near future.

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