Catherine Costigan on Mayweather v McGregor – “We’ll see what happens I think Conor definitely has a chance”

The wait is almost over for this Saturday’s showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The idea of the fight has divided opinion since it was announced in June, with many refusing to take it seriously as a contest.

The build up to the fight has been interesting. With much of the mainstream media choosing to focus on McGregor’s pre-fight vulgarity rather than any actual analysis of how the fight may go. Some even going as far as saying that they are embarrassed that he’s Irish.

However, Limerick MMA fighter Catherine “The Alpha Female” Costigan knows first-hand how ruthless the business side of combat sports is, most fighters put their bodies on the line for very little reward. It’s very important to do anything you can to stand out in the crowd in order to earn a decent living. She also knows that McGregor’s on-stage persona is a world apart from who he actually is as a person.

“We get paid so little in fighting so I have no problem with him going and making as much money as he possibly can. You do put your body through a lot for this sport and he has a limited amount of time where he can get that exposure”

“He’s a very nice guy, I’ve met him before he’s nothing like the guy you see on that stage. He’s very down to earth”

As for the question surrounding the credibility of the fight, Costigan believes that it is, and gives McGregor a punchers chance of causing a major upset against the undefeated Mayweather.

“I do think it’s legitimate. They’ve both got very big egos and McGregor wants to prove a point that he’s brilliant at every style”

“It’s going to be a battle for Conor but he has an amazing knock-out punch and it may only take that (to win). His (Floyd’s) hands are broken and that’s why he needs special gloves, if he breaks his hand in the fight, which is quite possible then you’re going to have a different style of fight. We’ll see what happens I think Conor definitely has a chance.

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