JKA World Championships begin at UL

The games began on Tuesday for the World Gasshuku and go on until Saturday

The 14th Funakoshi Gichin Cup is being held at the University of Limerick this week with the World Gasshuku starting the six days of events.

The World Gasshuku is when a number of highly skilled karate instructors offer advice and teaching on different elements of the sport to students who might not get the chance to see such talented instructors all the time.

The official games then began today, August 18th and finish Sunday 20th. The Junior championships are first up and begin at 9 am. The competition is held outside of Japan once every six years so the University is very lucky to be hosting such a unique event.

The14th Funakoshi Gichin Cup will be decided Sunday as the championships finish. You can find out more information on the events at https://www.jkaworldchampionships2017.com/

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Diarmaid Scannell